VIP Sessions, 3 & 5 hour options in Denver, CO

Some of our clients prefer a more concentrated approach to our work together.

Maybe their schedule is just too busy or they feel that really need a deep dive into our work together. Some clients even travel to us from out-of-state in order to have a VIP couples counseling experience with us.

If you are thinking:

  • Something needs to change NOW
  • I feel like we are at the 11th hour in our marriage
  • We are so stuck and I just don't know that a one hour or 90 min session is going to get at the real problems
  • I really want to see one of the clinicians but we live in another state but are willing to travel

then a VIP day just might be for you! Our VIP counseling sessions in Denver, CO can focus on a number of different topics. If you need couples counseling or individual therapy in Cherry Creek, we can help. 

VIP days (some therapists call them 'intensives' but that just sounds so...well INTENSE) are an opportunity to sink in, unfold, understand, and create something new together. With the experienced and concentrated gaze of your therapist, you will have a chance to really get at the heart of the issues in your relationships. These sessions are not for everyone -- but they are for couples who are ready (or sometimes desperate) for something to shift in their lives.

How do VIP days work?

Sometimes we offer VIP days to current clients who just want to go deeper in order to dislodge behaviors or thoughts that feel so darned calcified in the system of their marriage. Other couples find us online or are referred to us by a friend but they live in another country or state. They want to work with us but it is not reasonable to travel from their home location. For these folks, we will block a half day or full day (and sometimes an entire weekend), in order to provide a kind of 'personal workshop' just for them.

You can expect to drop into some deep work so that you can shift out of the stuck place where you and your partner have been living -- often for way too long! To schedule a VIP therapy day in Denver, contact our counseling team today! 

What does it cost?

That depends on who you work with at our offices so just give us a ring and we can discuss your options. Just like our other therapeutic offerings we do accept cash, check and credit cards for payment.VIP Therapy in Denver CO

When can we book a VIP therapy session in 80206?

Often, we can book a VIP therapy session in Denver within a week but sometimes sooner, depending on your availability. So often when couples phone us they are ready to get started right now so we make every effort to accommodate when we can.

If you are interested in seeing if you are a candidate for a VIP session, contact us today.

These sessions are available during the weekdays and on the weekends. Don't wait one more minute -- let us help you gain the clarity to move forward in the relationship that you want.