Pre-marital and Pre-commitment Therapy in Denver

If you are preparing to make a life commitment to someone, one of the biggest decisions of your life, pre-marriage therapy might be a great way to protect this important and precious investment.

Weddings and commitment ceremonies are joyous days that mark the beginning of something new together. It is a day to remember, and many people “go all out” so that it is a true celebration. Couples spend countless hours choosing venues, detailing guest lists, tasting wedding cakes, and hundreds of other tasks. Thousands of hours spent to ensure that the special day is, well, special.

Most couples, however, spend a fraction of time and resources on ensuring that this union actually does “last a lifetime" through focused help with a professional. How many hours have you and your significant other spent pouring over books about communication or sexual health? How much time have you spent considering how you create healthy patterns for discussing difficult topics rather than retreating, defending, or arguing?

What kinds of things would my partner and I talk about during pre-marriage therapy?

What we know is that every couple comes together and has their own "rules of engagement." These are expectations that they have for their partner which are often (if ever) talked about. Expectations such as: who is in charge of certain chores, frequency/kinds of sex, who is primarily in charge of the children or pets, how money is spent or not spent and who has the final say, and countless others. These topics are among the things you will discuss during pre-marriage therapy in Denver. 

During the counseling process, we help you see what your own unspoken expectations of your partner are . . . so that you both can move forward in your relationship with a better understanding of how to nurture your relationship and your intimate connection.

Topics vary depending on the couple, length of time together, and goals during our work. In our pre-marriage counseling in Cherry Creek, we will typically discuss topics such as:

  • Communication styles
  • Coping patterns
  • Family histories
  • Commitment expectations
  • Sex
  • Money
  • Friends
  • Career, education, and future aspirations
  • Spirituality and religion

Why should we attend pre-marriage therapy?pre-marriage therapy in denver co

Think of the time, money, and other resources that you have invested in your relationship so far. If you have children together now, or if you plan to in the future, your contributions will grow exponentially.

Most of us choose to get into a primary relationship because we see returns from these relationships. We feel loved, have security, and experience happiness and support. We might dream of growing old together and enjoying our grandchildren. If you look at your marriage as an investment, one that you can gain returns on, it seems practical to consider how to best tend to this investment to ensure that it grows, thrives, and is there for your future.

What is the process? How many sessions would we attend?

We offer private pre-marital and pre-commitment therapy in Cherry Creek, as well as consultation services for discerning couples interested in making an investment that matters for the life of their lifetime together. In general, we recommend about 6 hours of pre-marital work -- some couples package these in 4 90-minute sessions or 6 1-hour sessions. During these meetings, we will give you tools and strategies to begin implementing immediately to help nurture and support the connection that you have with your partner.

If not now, when? Please don't go through this alone. Get pre-marital counseling in 80206 today. 

We are skilled counseling professionals ready to support and guide you. Call us today, (720) 457-3342 and our Client Ambassador will assist you. Start your pre-marriage therapy in Denver today!