Online Therapy

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to meet the growing demand for reliable online therapy, the Counseling Center of Cherry Creek is now offering online video counseling, or "teletherapy," in addition to traditional face-to-face sessions. 

Modern Solutions to Meet Your Needs

We use different terms to describe our virtual therapy, including e-counseling, digital therapy, cybertherapy, distance counseling, e-counseling, online therapy, and remote therapy, but the goal of treatment is always the same: to provide quality, personalized counseling that gets results and meets the client's needs. online therapy denver co

We're still proud to offer the same excellent therapy sessions we've always provided, but now we also do so remotely from the comfort and safety of your home, office, or any location of your choice. 

Video therapy and online counseling have proven to be well-suited for couples therapy, individual counseling, and sex therapy. We conduct our online counseling in Cherry Creek via the internet or on the phone using several video calling platforms. We use several applications, so our video counseling sessions can successfully take place via desktop, laptop, or any smart device like a phone or tablet.  

Counseling for Denver and Beyond

The Counseling Center of Cherry Creek has ushered in this new era of innovation as an opportunity to provide further access to quality therapy, and we now virtually meet with people from every corner of Colorado. Whether you need counseling in Denver, the eastern plains, the Western Slope, or anywhere else in our beautiful state, we are available!

In addition, we can help free people from physical barriers that would inhibit their ability to come in and see us for emotional distress about relationship conflicts, sexual concerns, and personal issues. 

As one of Denver's premier individual, couples, and sex therapy services, we will refine this new service model on an ongoing basis as we learn and gain feedback from our clients. We always welcome your thoughts and feedback if you have suggestions on how we can improve or change our social distance model to be more productive. 

counselor in denver co10 Reasons to Choose Online Therapy Over Face-to-Face Therapy

Our virtual counseling in Cherry Creek has many advantages over traditional therapy sessions, particularly during these difficult times as we all navigate a global pandemic.

For answers to commonly asked questions about online counseling, you can visit our FAQ page. 

1. Intimacy and vulnerability are leveled up a notch. Increased emotional vulnerability is, by far, one of our favorite reasons for meeting via video software. Meeting you in your natural habitat and seeing you in your real life is incredibly powerful. It's like a house call! A therapist can level more tailored advice and can more accurately assess your situation.

2. An unmasked expression is critical. Since seeing each other without a mask on these days is risky, the ability to see each others' facial expressions still exists with video therapy sessions. This interaction is valuable feedback for both client and therapist. 

3. Anxiety becomes reduced. Virtual meetings eliminate the fear of possible COVID-19 transmission, and there are no doors to touch; you can breathe easily and speak without fear of any contamination.  

4. Do therapy where you want. Skip the traffic and the commute. Save the time of traveling by allowing you greater flexibility of engaging with a therapist. We can meet you where you are!

5. Busy schedules? No problem. Online therapy allows us to work with clients whose busy schedules would typically prohibit them from seeking professional help. We offer appointments at times that are convenient for you and your family. denver co online therapy

6. Increased success rates. By making it easier to stay on track with your therapy, achieving your goals will come faster. There are fewer excuses to cancel and fewer reasons to quit when the therapists exist in the place of our choosing. 

7. Underserved communities now have access across the state. People in remote areas will discover the advantage of online counseling. If you don't fit with the therapist in your town, you can try one someplace else. Our online therapy isn't exclusive to the 80206 area!

8. Greater accessibility. Online counseling is more convenient and affordable than a lot of traditional therapy sessions, which means more people have access to the care they need.

9. You and your partner do not have to be in the same place. Thanks to the group meeting apps, we can bring people into a session who are geographically separated. If you want to participate in group or couples therapy, we can easily arrange it. 

10. Added layers of privacy. Online access makes it easier to overcome the stigma that has historically burdened mental health issues. There is no requirement to be seen entering a mental health office and no waiting room.  

Schedule a Virtual Counseling Session Today!

If you are ready to schedule your first online therapy session, feel free to register or simply give us a call at ( 720) 457-3342 to speak with a Denver therapist now.