Individual Counseling Denver in Denver, CO

Are you in a place where you feel stuck?

Stuck in a relationship, job, or life situation that not longer serves you?

This experience is not uncommon. 

When life does not feel or look the way that we think that it should, it can cause feelings of:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depletion
  • Loneliness

These feelings can have a profound effect on our relationships, careers, and ability to parent. You might feel desperate for things to begin to change. And they can change! If you are struggling with your life and are considering counseling in Denver, CO, we are here to help. 

You Might Have Thoughts Or Feelings Such As: 

  • This is not what I thought my life would be like.
  • I'm so tired of not enjoying my life!
  • My last marriage was a disaster, I don't want to repeat those patterns.
  • I'm still so angry at my ex, I want to get over her and move on.
  • I want my marriage to change but my husband doesn't want to come in for therapy. Can I do something on my own to help my marriage?
  • Why do I keep dating the same jerks?
  • I'm sick of feeling so anxious and depressed about my life.
  • feel like I have tried everything and nothing has worked.

These thoughts are common and ultimately very "human." Our team of licensed counselors in Cherry Creek can help you learn helpful, healthy strategies to cope. 

We Want You To Know There Is Hope!

Change and transformation are possible . . . even when you feel paralyzed and like nothing will change. The key to getting unstuck is working with a trained professional who can help you see what you cannot see on your own. You might have heard the saying,

"You cannot see your own golf swing."

Similarly, it is tough to recognize the ways where we get stuck in our own relationships and lives.

There is no reason to go through this alone. Our trained and licensed therapists have spent years and years in school, working with individuals and families, and staying on top of the latest research so they can support and guide individuals to reach the life goals that they desire. The tools that you will learn can dramatically change the experience that you are having in your life and help you get from where you are to where you want to be. Change is available, call now 720.457.3342. We are waiting to hear more about you!

You Don't Need a Crisis to Consult a Therapist

individual counseling cherry creek co

Some people find themselves in a therapists office after a bad break-up or personal crisis. But many people seek professional support when life just doesn't feel like it is fitting them so well. Working with a therapist does not mean that you are sick or broken, it just means that you have tried everything that you know how to try and are open to be guided by someone who has committed their professional life to work with people in this way.

Our clinicians are all licensed therapists in Colorado and bring a wealth and training, education, and life experience to their work with individuals and couples. Here's just a snapshot of who you could be working with very soon:

We are skilled professionals ready to support and guide you. For the very best in counseling in Cherry Creek, call us today at (720) 457-3342 and our Client Ambassador will assist you.