Divorce Recovery

Have you recently been through a divorce? 

Life changes dramatically after divorce, and you may find yourself feeling lost or unsure of how to keep living your life without your spouse. Moving on from a broken marriage and picking up the pieces after a divorce is difficult, but you don’t ever have to do it alone.

At the Counseling Center of Cherry Creek, our divorce therapists offer Divorce Recovery Therapy for individuals looking for guidance and clarity following their divorce. 

If you live in the Denver area and you’ve been struggling with feelings of guilt, hopelessness, confusion, anger, sadness, nostalgia, and uncertainty, you can call our counseling office at any time to speak with a staff member about our divorce therapy options. 

Divorce Recovery in Cherry Creek

What does the phrase “divorce recovery” even really mean? The answer is different for every divorcee, which is why we offer individualized divorce counseling.

If you’ve recently finalized a divorce, it’s reasonable not to be fully aware of what you want or need to recover. You’re probably feeling a whirlwind of emotions, and you may have questions and thoughts such as:

Did I make the right choice? 

I feel so lonely.

What should I do now? 

How will this impact my relationship with my children? 

Will I always be hurting this much?

I’m scared to start a life on my own at this age. 

How do I let go of the anger or resentment I feel toward my ex-spouse?

When is it ok to get back into the dating scene?

How do I take care of myself financially now that I’m on my own?

These thoughts, along with countless others, are a normal, healthy part of the grieving process. The goal of divorce therapy is to help you as an individual come to terms with what has happened and understand how to build a new, better life for yourself. 

A Healing Journey

During this challenging time, it’s crucial to keep in mind that divorce recovery is a journey, not a destination. There will not be one distinct moment where you feel fully “recovered” and healed from your pain. 

Instead, our Cherry Creek divorce therapists will work with you regularly so you can gradually mend and repair the parts of you that were broken during your divorce. As you gain confidence, develop healthy coping skills, and become more comfortable speaking openly and honestly about your feelings, you’ll be better prepared to face the world and create a future where you can thrive post-divorce. 

Your healing journey during your time in divorce therapy will help you acknowledge your emotions and learn to process them more productively. Just because your marriage ended does not mean your potential for happiness is gone forever—and our goal is to help you discover the best version of yourself. 

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If you’re hurting in the wake of your divorce, our divorce recovery therapy in Denver can help you learn to heal.

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