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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Online Therapy

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We invite you to explore the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions in the section below. 

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Online Therapy

No, not at all. It is illegal unless you give us written consent, but we don’t do that anyway. 

We have a paperless system accessible via our online portal. Click here to get started.  There is no need for printing hard copies of these documents anymore, and they are available electronically or in paper on request. 

Such a great question -- and one that we get all of the time!

Discernment Counseling

If you are doing Discernment Counseling with one of our certified therapists than this process will take 5-7 sessions. This, of course, is a ballpark depending on what you and your partner bring in to our work together. Unlike marriage counseling, Discernment Counseling is a particular process that is designed to help people untangle where they are at now in a relationship, where they want to go, and what will be required if they decide to venture there.

Once you and your partner have achieved some clarity than couples counseling might be warranted in order to address the places where you were stuck prior to coming in. In most cases, your discernment counselor can continue working with you on marriage counseling as well!

Contact Us Today

Ready to get started? Call us at 720.457.3342 and our Client Ambassador will happily answer any additional questions that you might have about the process. We also offer virtual therapy sessions for all services.


We will prorate the session after the first 15 minutes.  If the session ends due to technical problems before 15 minutes you will not be charged.

Recent research indicates that online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy for individuals and couples.  Many of our clients that have switched to teletherapy/online therapy are asking if they can continue with the remote sessions, even after the risk of Covid-19 has subsided.  See the 10 reasons on our Online Therapy service page.

Currently we are offering a discount if you use our Telatherapy service.  Ask your therapist about the online therapy discount.

Your therapist will call you back on the same platform and we will try at least two more times, if it doesn’t work we will call you on the phone to troubleshoot the situation or reschedule.

We can use the video on-screen and if you have a second phone we can use that for audio. 

We can absolutely see you over your phone.  Although we recommend a tablet or computer; the important thing is to get the help you need when you need it.  We typically use Zoom, but we can also use FaceTime for apple devices, Skype, and VSEE if that is better.   

We offer all the same services we would offer in a face to face setting.

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