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Counseling Center of Cherry Creek

Does therapy really work?!

Research tells us that YES, therapy works!

Sometimes people will ask WHAT makes therapy it the number of years in practice, is it the KIND of therapy, or the TYPE of training. As strange as it may is none of these!

Don't get us wrong, having a trained, licensed professional is very important to reaching your goals.

However, the most important quality that will determine if therapy will "work" for you...whether or not you like your therapist. I'm serious.

Likability out-ranks all other qualities. 

What is important to us is that you have a chance to connect with your therapist and see if you just like her. When you feel like your therapist "gets" you then the work starts to flow and you can really get some traction moving to where you want to be.

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Give us a call...and see if one of our therapists would be a good fit for you!

Really, call us right now (720) 457-3342, we almost always answer the phone...and if we miss the call, we will get back to you usually within an hour or two. It's because we like people...and we like what we do.

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