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How do I know if I need to work with a sex therapist?

Lots of people have this question.

AASECT certified sex therapists are trained in helping people with MANY aspects of their sex and intimate lives including:

  • erectile dysfunction
  • painful intercourse
  • low libido
  • no desire/high desire
  • mismatched desire (he wants more than she wants)
  • navigating open or polyamorous relationships
  • exploring and discovering a more mutually pleasurable or satisfying intimate relationship
  • healing from "sex addiction"
  • processing the discovery of 'out of control sexual behavior' in a relationship
  • and much more.

Sex Therapy in Denver

Some people have a good relationship and are bored in their sex life and want a third party with training in sexuality, communication, intimacy, and relationships to talk with to know if they are 'normal'. If you aren't sure, give us a call 720.457.3342 and one of our sex therapists can hop on the phone and answer the questions that you have. Or send an email to [email protected]

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