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What Can I Expect From a VIP Session?

Many couples (and some individuals!) are now choosing extending therapy sessions rather than weekly therapy.

Think of it as a private workshop.

(Don't worry, during this sessions, you will have a break, usually every 60 minutes or so to refresh your tea, stretch your legs and use the restroom!)

What many therapists (and clients) find is that with the standard one-hour therapy session, you just start getting to the *good stuff* and then time is up! So frustrating!

Then of course, because you need to head back to work or go pick up the kids, you pack everything emotionally back up, go on with the week, and then when you finally get back into therapy the next week, you have totally lost momentum from the prior session, and you can feel like you just start all over again.

VIP Sessions

During your VIP Session, you can expect to take a deep dive into the places where you are stuck in your relationship AND...get a clear map to help move you forward. Often we hear that clients are frustrated with couples therapy because they feel like they "aren't getting anywhere" and just rehash the same feelings over and over again. This is not what couples therapy needs to be like! You should leave every session with another piece or step to help you move forward!

And, if you have a solid 3-5 hours, you should have LOTS of steps to help you get the traction that you want to get from here to there!

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