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What exactly does a sex therapist DO?

Clinicians who are trained in sex therapy help people with a wide variety of issues related to sex, sexuality, intimacy, and connection. Many of our clients come to us because they do not have the sex life that they want or maybe they have heard about "open marriages" and are interested in exploring that with someone who is knowledgeable. 

What To Expect During a Session

During sessions, your sex therapist will ask you lots of questions, be curious about you (don't worry! It is hard to shock a sex therapist!) and what is happening in your life. Often, we will ask some very detailed help us understand the nature of the issue or problem that you are bringing in. Sex therapists do not touch their clients. We are still "talk therapists" and sometimes can work like a "sex educator" providing information, tips, and tools but we aren't like a massage therapist or other healer that is licensed to touch their clients.

If you are not sure if your concern would warrant working with a sex therapist, call us today and our Client Ambassador will help you! Call 720.457.3342. We are easy to talk to and used to talking about all kinds of things. ;-) 


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