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In couples work, do you work with both partners or just one partner at a time? Do we each need our own therapist?

It depends on the couple and what they need. Every situation is different, which is why our clinical team takes a unique approach to every couple and client. Some couples require extensive individual work as part of their overall counseling, while others benefit from mainly working together with a joint therapist in the same room. 

There are times when working with each partner individually is useful, and other times when only working with the couple together is more productive. Our approach can even vary from week to week and from session to session.

The techniques we will use depend on your relationship, current struggles, and commitment to your treatment. The more often you visit our Cherry Creek counseling center, the faster and more effectively we can help you. 

When you have your initial meeting with your therapist, we will assess your particular situation and recommend what seems best for you and your partner. We will most likely recommend a combination of individual time as well as joint time with you and your partner.

To learn more about our couples therapy in Cherry Creek and what you can expect during your treatment, please contact our client ambassador, Margie, today at (720) 457-3342! 

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