How long will counseling take?

What a great question!

People ask us this all of the time...and not surprisingly, it is not a very straightforward answer. It's a bit like asking your personal trainer, "How long will it take for me to lose 20 pounds?"

It totally depends on so many factors. Your motivation...if you are in couples counseling...your partner's motivation, what your goals are, if you do your *homework* outside of your meetings with your therapist, etc.

What helps your efficiency is getting clear on your goals -- this is a huge part of your therapist's help you get clear on your goals. And if there are two of you in the session, then helping both of you get clear on what you are working towards.

We can tell you, that it is our job to work ourselves out of a job. Really, it is!

That means, we want you to succeed! We want this to be an efficient process for all of our clients. If you want it to be more efficient, ask your therapist what you can do to help things move along faster...I bet she might have a suggestion.

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