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How will things change if I'm the only one in therapy?

couples therapy for one | cherry creek counseling | cherry creek coGreat question!

First of all, well done you for having the courage to seek support for your relationship. It can be tough to show up alone.

Secondly, we understand that every marriage is made up of 2 moving parts: you and your partner. A bit like a yin and yang. When one partner starts to change, the other partner will behave differently...because half of the system started to shift.

There is no magic pill here, but we can tell you that this does work to create new, different and sometimes unexpected results at home.

Finally, your therapist's job is to help you understand your role in your relationship, your yin to his yang, as it were. Her job is not to tell you that he is bad, wrong, or broken -- or whether or not you should leave him...but rather, she will hold up a mirror for you so that you can see what you are saying, thinking, or doing that is contributing to a relationship that feels stuck or broken. This process helps to create a clear map or guide as to how to best move forward.

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