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Counseling Center of Cherry Creek

Walk in the Park Therapy

December 7, 2012
Posted By: Margie Kaems, MSW, LCSW

Introducing a new kind of relationship support in Denver, Colorado…

In the time honored tradition of walking and talking with a trusted confidante, let me be your guide to your own unfoldment!

We will meet near City Park or in Cherry Creek North.

We will walk, talk, open, and transform to something new in your life.

Come with your questions, your ponderings, and

your willingness to open to your own heart’s path.

Have a small child? Bring ‘em along in a stroller!

This is your time for your optimal growth and nourishment…how can we maximize it so that your life might be as full and rich as you desire? Homebound with little ones? I will come to you.

Walk in the Park Therapy…because therapy can be a walk in the park!

Call or email today to set up your first walking therapy session, 720.457.3342

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