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3 Ways To Touch Your Partner This Valentine's Day

February 12, 2015
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I hate Valentine's Day. I do, I know, it sounds weird as someone who has devoted her life to relationships...but it is true.

Valentine's Day has always felt like a contrived holiday where couples (and singles!) feel pressure to demonstrate their love and devotion to the other. Grand overtures are sweet but do not make up for the everyday work in a long-term committed marriage. I know. Bah-humbug! :-)

This year, forget the $4 Hallmark and spend time touching your partner in the places where it really counts.

#1 Touch 'em with...

Your heart. Did you know that the heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body? 60 times greater than brain waves as measured on an EEG! If you really want to make an impact turn your body towards your partner and give him a blast of energy from your heart. Really, try it.

Let your partner feel the energy that you have for her by focusing attention when she walks through the room, sits down on the sofa next to you, or looks in your eyes. 

#2 Touch 'em with...

Your eyes. What we focus on in our relationship grows. Notice all of the big and little aspects of your partner that you adore...the curve of a neck, the freckle on a hand, the wisp of hair. Let your gaze rest on your partner and appreciate him as the piece of art that he is...the expression of humanity that he embodies.

Drink in your partner and notice what it is like to see her anew in this moment even if you have seen her everyday for the last 30 years. Let curiosity grow and you witness her in this way.

#3 Touch 'em with...

Your time.  Take the time today to luxuriate with your partner. Maybe that is in fact a candlelit dinner and more conventional romance or maybe it is lying on the couch together trading foot rubs with no hurry to be anywhere else. 

Take the moment to stop and engage with your partner in the hurried moment when you felt rushed to unload groceries or finish that last email on your computer. Notice what it is like for your partner to receive your undivided attention without having to demand or argue for it.

If you are ready to try something different and remodel your relationship, call our Client Ambassador today at 720.457.3342 ext 0. We look forward to helping you have the relationships that you desire!


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