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Who Is Your Strategist?

August 21, 2013
Posted By: Counseling Center of Cherry Creek

relationship adviceI own my own business. Many of my clients own their own businesses as well.

When we are in business for ourselves we track things like where clients find us, what networking events to attend, what SEO strategies are increasing traffic to our websites…we do this to see what is bringing in customers and paying the bills. Many of us keep spreadsheets, pay accountants, and hire strategists and business coaches to keep us on top of investing in what is working to generate income and a livelihood.

Why is it that we suspend this kind of practical and sensible system when it comes to our personal lives?

Don’t get me wrong, formulas and programs are not always the best fit when it comes to the wild and untamable landscape of love, desire, and commitment. However, it is wise and mature to take an honest look at what is working in your relationship and do more of it.

Ask yourself this question: “What is working well in my relationship?”

If your answer is: “Nothing.” I would like to help.

To quote one of my favorite business strategists, Seth Godin, “It’s not that we’re unable to handle complicated problems, it’s that we’re afraid to try.”

It is almost unthinkable that you wouldn’t consult a professional when running aspects of your business with which you are unfamiliar. But, you likely do this in your relationship all of the time.

Having a strategist for your marriage or relationship invites the opportunity for a fresh perspective on the stale argument, boring fights, and predictable stalemates that can spell the demise of your relationship. It is not always about figuring out a way to stay together but more about finding a way to stay authentic, connected, vulnerable and courageous in the face of what feels painful and abrasive.

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