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Space to Expand

December 19, 2012
Posted By: Counseling Center of Cherry Creek

Denver CO TherapySince I have begun writing a blog, I have also begun to read blogs as well. And, wow, there are some great blogs out there! Some of the blogs that I have been reading recently are about minimalism or living simply.

Courtney Carver’s is one that I particularly enjoy. Today she is writing about her Reverse 100 Thing Challenge – getting rid of 100 things in order to “be more with less”. It made me think of the many things that we can psychologically, emotionally, and energetically “give up” so that we might “be more with less”.

I talk a lot with people about sorting through what is “yours” (emotionally) and what is someone else’s when it comes to your psychic landscape. Is that critical mean voice, your voice? Or is that the voice of your mother/father/brother/sister/etc.? Or maybe the voice of your unkind 3rd-grade teacher that got lodged in your head somehow.

When we start sorting through our own psychic landscape, we can be surprised to find all of the things that aren’t ours at all! Things, like the silver-plated flatware from Aunt Geraldine, that we have been carting around for years or even decades without thinking about it.

Here is your invitation to bring some conscious awareness to the nooks and crannies of your life to illuminate:

1) what is there,

2) what you want to keep and

3) what you are willing to give up.

The things that we keep in our psychic landscape (just like in our basements and attics) require energy as they take up space in our hearts and in our lives. Just like you have to the pay the monthly bill for the storage unit on the other side of town or the mortgage for the 2,500 sq ft home that holds your belongings, there is a cost for the emotional and psychological trappings that can clutter up your inner world.

Take Inventory of Your Emotions

So, take inventory of what you are carrying around emotionally. Notice how it is affecting your life and maybe the lives of others. Decide what you want to keep…and make a commitment to keep that aspect of who you are. If there are parts that rise up and you realize you do not want to keep them, examine why they are still around. How have these parts served you over the years? How are they not serving you now?

These are the beginning stages of fully inhabiting the life that you choose to live rather than the life that was given to you that you simply animate. Emotional belongings can accumulate and weigh us down if we do not pause to notice how they are occupying our lives.

A challenge like Courtney’s can be the material impetus to begin or continue engaging in deep emotional healing and energetic expansion. Giving away material items creates physical space in our homes and our lives and we can feel tremendous relief and excitement when this new space is created.

Consider creating some material, emotional, and energetic space and see how it can transform your life!

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