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What is sexual health?

August 3, 2021
Posted By: Margie Kaems

First off, let’s ask ourselves, what is sex?  Is it one activity?  More than one?  Is physical contact a necessary component?  How about connection?  Pleasure?  Consent?  Is it sex if you are alone?


And, why is it important to you to have sex?  Or, not important?


These questions are a great first step to consider, and there are many different opinions/answers to all of these—no right answers!


Most of us have some pretty boxed-in ideas about what sex is, including sexual health.  And, often the primary focus of sex therapy is to consider new ways of looking at sexual health.











When I talk about sexual health, I am thinking about 4 key components: 




   Safety from Disease



  Access to accurate information--Between the mixed-up messages we get in social circles, through the media, health class, no wonder most of us are confused!



  Pleasure--And, what sex education program actually includes pleasure as a topic?



  Freedom from violence/coercion




I discuss all four of the topics above as needed in sessions.  No genuine questions will surprise me!  



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