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Do I Need a Sex Therapist?

June 14, 2017
Posted By: Counseling Center of Cherry Creek

Word Chart | Sex Therapy Denver COSex therapy is a specific arm of psychotherapy that provides education, resources, and guidance for individuals and couples who are struggling with a wide array of issues. Sex and intimacy are foundational in our relationships -- how much sex, what kind of sex, whether we have sex or not -- all of these aspects of sex tend to come up in our coupledom at some point in our lives. Many people wonder, "am I normal?!" [HINT: chances are that you definitely are] but would like to talk with someone who specializes in sex...just to make sure.

Some of the issues that you might discuss in sex therapy may include:


  • gap in desire (one partner wants sex more than the other)
  • low libido
  • painful intercourse
  • erectile dysfunction
  • premature ejaculation
  • delayed ejaculation
  • asexuality
  • aging and sex
  • negotiating open relationships
  • kink and other fetish exploration
  • and much more

In many ways, sex therapy is no different from “regular” therapy with your counselor with the exception that we will talk about sex. Most “regular” therapists receive very little training in sex therapy (4-6 credit hours usually in graduate school). Therapists who are AASECT certified sex therapists have hundreds of hours of specialized training so that we can pass along to you quality, current, and relevant information as well as help you integrate that information into your life.

How do you know if you need a sex therapist?

If you have tried traditional psychotherapy and your issue is 1) related to sex and 2) your issue or situation hasn’t changed during the course of treatment, you may benefit from working with a certified sex therapist.

If you feel uncomfortable talking about sex with your traditional therapist because 1) they don’t ‘do that’ or 2) they have never brought it up so it seems like you shouldn’t bring it up either, then you may benefit from working with a certified sex therapist.

If you are having struggles in the bedroom — however big or small — such as:

  • difficulty maintaining an erection (e.g. during longer sexual encounters, while you wear a condom, etc)
  • difficulty becoming aroused
  • challenges in talking about sex and what you want with your partner without fighting
  • tired of your sex life being ho-hum and you want to invigorate it a bit
  • worries about why you are having certain sexual fantasies
  • you feel tempted to step outside of your committed relationship or marriage
  • you have had an affair where the sex was amazing and intoxicating and now don’t know how to go back to your marriage

Working with a certified sex therapist means having access to quality information and support with someone who specializes in sex and intimacy issues — a place where you can talk about anything in the room without feeling uncomfortable and weird. Those of us who have completed the certification process have been exposed to hours and hours of all kinds of sexual material (it’s called a SAR - Sexual Attitude Reassessment — and we are required to take this class — some of us take several classes — and we spend time watching all kinds of visually stimulating media (aka porn), hang out in dungeons, meet people with all kinds of sexual interests and orientations, etc. So…we have seen and are familiar with it all.)

There are only 25 AASECT certified sex therapists in Colorado. So most smaller communities do not have therapists with the level of training available to them. This is why I offer online sex therapy for rural and mountain communities throughout Colorado.

If you live in:

  • Vail
  • Eagle
  • Aspen
  • Summit County
  • Winter Park
  • Durango
  • Telluride
  • Pagosa Springs
  • Glenwood Springs

...or any other town within Colorado, we can meet online and get started now. These sessions are professional, private and convenient so you can have the confidentiality that you want while working on the sensitive issues that you need to work on.

Call our Client Ambassador today at 720.457.3342 and we will spend some time seeing if this would be a good service for you. Or you can book online 24/7 by clicking this link. Be sure to select for an “online video” session.


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