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You Reap What You Sow

January 28, 2020
Posted By: Margie Kaems
denver therapist

It’s very common for folks to begin couples therapy with a list of issues that your partner needs to change.  This will likely not be very helpful and is a problem-perspective that is contributing to the challenges in your relationship.


It is much easier to see from an outside view how another person could benefit from a change, but have you looked in the mirror lately?  How does your backyard look? Are you yelling at your neighbor to clean up their yard, while yours is a mess? Are you truly being the partner you aspire to be?

The bottom line is that what you put into a relationship will be what you get out of it.  If you are looking for your partner to fail you in various ways, that is what you will experience.  Their mistakes, which we all make, including you will be all that you notice!  And, your attitude will contribute to the dynamic continuing.


Attitude and perspective are huge!  Your partner is not here to make you happy.  That is actually your job. The reality of relationships is that they promote huge growth--are you ready to grow?  To change in ways that make you feel better and love yourself and others more? Are you ready to face your own limitations, rather than pointing out your partners’ most of the time? 


Are you willing to change what seeds are you are planting in your relationship and in turn how you experience it?  This takes changing the way you think and act and make sure you have accountability to stay on top of it!

If this sounds like something that resonates with you, and you are ready to show up, examine what kind of partner you are in your relationship, and transform! Give us a call!

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