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The Purpose of Your Marriage: It may not be what you think

October 29, 2013
Posted By: Counseling Center of Cherry Creek

Recently, at a talk that I was giving in Denver for 20 or so people, I asked, “What is the purpose of a marriage or committed relationship?” Jenny Glick | Denver CO Therapist

Their responses include:

  • To feel love
  • To have connection
  • To experience safety and intimacy
  • To grow trust
  • To have regular sex
  • To share financial responsibilities

I listed their answers on a whiteboard in one column and then I wrote the following in the adjacent column:

  • To experience intensity
  • To experience conflict
  • To grow your consciousness
  • To evolve

I asked the group, “What if the purpose of marriage and committed relationships is to create an intense container where one can experience conflict which will guide them to grow their consciousness and evolve? What if the bi-product of this intensity is love, connection, intimacy, safety, trust…and sometimes regular sex and shared financial responsibilities.”

A new concept for many of the participants.

How many of us have had a period of time in a committed relationship when things were hard when there was conflict and it felt like everything was broken. Do you remember during these times wondering, “This cannot possibly be the right person for me!”

The work in our relationships is not about being perfect, but stretching into new and deeper places of compassion, connection, and strength within ourselves and with our loved ones.

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