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online therapy and telehealth

Online Therapy, is it the wave of the future?

May 21, 2020
Posted By: Margie Kaems
online therapy and telehealth


When we first shut down the office I didn’t think meeting virtually was going to work at all for couples let alone individuals.   Turns out I was wrong.  I’m blown away at how productive online therapy can be.  The therapist can still see body language, facial cues, voice inflections, all the things you have in a normal session, however, sometimes I get a telling little window into my clients lives.  A dog barking.  Kids clamoring.  Spouses dropping in. Background trimmings, etc..   The little tells of ones life are washed away during face to face sessions.  Therapy offices have a way of being overwhelmingly underwhelming.   As an astute observer of humans I find the little details incredibly valuable when trying to suss out the nuances of human affairs.  I find the insight into peoples lives helpful and it has forced me to be a bit more vulnerable with my clients as I am working from home too.  From the feedback I’ve been getting  online therapy is working just as well if not better than sessions at the old brick-n-mortar office.  Many clients are asking to continue with virtual sessions even after the pandemic subsides.  


Perhaps people are just more open to being vulnerable when they are in the virtual world.  While we are technically face to face the distance creates a space for honesty to creep out.   Its as if people are not afraid of judgment as much because of the barrier that is the screen.  It’s similar to how people will tell you how they really feel wrapped in the anonymity of the internet on twitter.  Or maybe its just when you are in the comfort of your pajamas sitting on your bed you are disarmed, venerable and free.  Don’t just take my word for it,  I could elaborate further, however,  this opinion pice in the Washington Post “T[Washington Post “The surprising intimacy of online therapy sessions...”   ](”   is spot on, go take a look. To read about the reasons we are continuing with Teletherapy and our FAQs  about this exciting new treatment choice click  [here.](  

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