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What to Expect During Your First Couples Therapy Appointment

September 27, 2022
Posted By: Counseling Center of Cherry Creek
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Couples get counseling in different phases of a relationship and life stages. A couple’s decision to seek counseling can be mutual or encouraged by one partner. Whether you’re new to couples counseling or it’s been a while since you’ve seen a therapist, here’s what to expect during your first couples therapist appointment to feel more prepared and at ease.

The First Couples Therapy Session 

A first couples therapy session allows you, your partner, and the therapist to set boundaries and ground rules for what will be discussed and explored. Your therapist will walk you through client confidentiality, cancellation policies, and methodology or approach to couples therapy. 

Your therapist will start the session by asking questions about:

  • Relationship history 
  • The length of the relationship
  • How you and your partner met 
  • What made you fall in love 
  • The concerns you’re currently facing

Your initial session will also focus on who you are as individuals, and how you work together as a couple. Your couples therapist may also ask:

  • What issues have you experienced in the past in this relationship?
  • How long have you had these issues?
  • Is this your first time in couples therapy?
  • What have you and your partner done to attempt resolution?
  • What are your individual and mutual expectations for couples therapy?

Though this first session allows the therapist to gather information, you and your therapist will also discuss meaningful issues, even in this early stage. After the assessment and evaluation phase, the real work begins. When your therapist has a clear idea about the nature of your relationship and concerns, you can work together to address them with a professional you trust. Ultimately, the therapist helps create an open, comfortable, and safe space to explore different topics and issues. 

Issues to Discuss in Couples Therapy 

Couples therapy can help you and your partner with the following:

  • Develop better communication and listening skills 
  • Learn to better understand your partner’s fears, struggles, and challenges 
  • Learn to respectfully disagree with your partner without anger or fear
  • Learn to compromise with your partner 
  • Learn to honor family relationships
  • Improve physical and emotional intimacy 
  • Learn more about personal boundaries 
  • Learn how to face and forgive past issues and contentions 

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