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Engaging Deeply

January 17, 2013
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I just returned from a wonderful retreat at the Sophia Peace Center in Dolores, CO. A beautiful winter wonderland blanketed in white snow and burning brightly with dazzling stars duringCouples Therapy Denver CO the night. A perfect spot to delve into the deeper workings of the soul. I attend such retreats regularly to, among other things, maintain my own sense of deeper connection and peace while engaging fully in the world.

Something new has been occurring for me recently as I go away on retreats…I WANT to come back to my life. I begin to long to return to engage deeply in my life with a renewed sense of vigor, peace, and excitement for what this moment has to offer.

Often retreats, vacations, and other types of excursions provide a necessary and important distance from our daily routines. Such forays can powerfully reset the lens through which we have been seeing our day-to-day existence. And yet, our day-to-day lives are the substance of our existence…the fleshy meat of our soul works on this earth. This one life here in front of us is a divine invitation to inhabit this wild, abundant, and sometimes chaotic world if we so choose to accept the offer.

Relationship Therapy

Working with a therapist or a relationship specialist is like having an ultra-mini-retreat from your life. It is a time to stand apart from your life for an hour or two and assess what is working, what is lacking, and where you want to go from here. It is a time to drink deeply from a fresh well of perspective that you might emerge with renewed dynamism to dwell more richly in your life.

For some of us, this experience can also happen after a walk or a long talk with a well-loved friend. We might experience a deeper sense of peace after soaking in our spiritual practice, meditation or yoga. Whatever your form of rejuvenation, take part in it regularly and fully that the vitality of your life and relationships might be renewed.

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