Hello, I am Siri for your relationships

Fear is the enemy of vulnerability when it comes to your relationships.

Think about it…you are mad, hurt, tired, and done with your partner’s crap. Youknow nothing is going to change so why bother?!

Yeah, I know this story.

I also know that in this place, fear has wrapped it’s boney fingers around your tender vulnerability and is whispering in your ear, “It’s never going to change.”

There is nothing wrong with fear…fear is just a big, flashing, red light warning you, “THIS IS NEW TERRITORY! BE AWARE!” It is good and right that we have this internal warning system to let us know to wake up and get out of autopilot because the road ahead is new and the terrain unchartered.

The problem, of course, is that for many of us when we feel fear we either freeze, run away, or attack (or attack the person we have vowed our life to).

Fear is an invitation to traverse new territory…it is the time to strap on your boots, secure your helmet, and ask Siri for directions.

We are so afraid of failing…of getting hurt…that we don’t even begin the trek. The unfortunate truth, however, is that most are already incredibly hurt and feel like they have failed.

It is my job to be Siri for your relationships…the voice of direction that reroutes along the way and provide suggestions personalized for where you are in this moment.

Jenny Glick, MA, MSC, LMFT is a licensed marriage & family therapist and Siri for your relationships in Denver, CO. Jenny owns the Counseling Center of Cherry Creek and sometimes wonders if anyone reads this blog. :-) If you are ready to see how a little Siri can serve you in your relationships and your life, click below and schedule a free 20 minute consultation. It might just change your life.