The Best Viral Video in a Long Time…

If you don’t know Louis C. K. the comedian you might spend some time getting to know him.

His recent visit to Conan O’Brien produced a stellar vignette on how cheap connection through media use prevents deep experiences of our inner landscapes. How many times do you reach for the phone to text, call, check FB in order to fill up space in your life. It has rapidly become acceptable to fill every moment with checking ones phone for such important reasons as seeing if you have new email message. From the second that we wake up until the minute we bed down many of us (myself included!) live with our phones right in the palm of our hands.

Have you considered what you might be missing in those moments of quiet swallow up with your iPhone? The moments, as Louis points out, when the emptiness inside wells to the surface and you feel sad, lonely, or scared. It is so true that by allowing these feelings to surface, crest, and roll over us we become transformed and washed into a pool of peace, acceptance or at the very least a big exhale.

All of this depth and wisdom…seriously? On late night t.v.? A therapists dream!

Jenny Glick, MA, MSC, LMFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist and owner of the Counseling Center of Cherry Creek. Her job is to transform individuals and couples from BLAH to BAM. Why not transform today?