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How One Thing Can Improve Everything

Meditation in Denver CO

I don’t know how many times people have said (in jest) to me in a first session, “Is there any way to improve my marriage quickly and painlessly? Can you just give me a pill?” 

Of course, we laugh knowing that there is no pill to cure our relationship ills. But…there is something that is rather extraordinary….

If you have spent any time working with me at my Denver office or online, you probably know that I am a huge proponent of meditation. Like HUGE.

We know, without a doubt, that meditation improves everything from focus to self-awareness. There is also research that suggests that meditation improves conditions such as asthma, fatigue, and cancer. The ...

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Advice About Marriage from Divorcees (hint: think Garden)

Divorce counseling How many of us think we know how to make a marriage work…before we actually get married?

It’s like thinking we know how to parent until we have kids.

You remember the times when you heard the trantrumy-screamy-whiny-”NOT-MY-KIdS!” kids on an airplane, at the mall, in the grocery store. Remember how it felt when, fast forward 5 or 10 years and, those were your kids. It’s humbling.

There is this article making the rounds online called “20 Marriage Tips Everyone Should Know“. Most of the tips are right on and are true for both men and women, hetero and same-sex relationships alike. ...

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How Saying “Yes” to the Hard Stuff Helps Your Marriage

Picture of Yes | Denver CO TherapistMarriage can be tough. Hard stuff happens in our committed relationships constantly.

Notice what you do when hard stuff comes up in marriage:

  • Do you brace?
  • Does your body get tight?
  • Do you hold your breath?
  • Do you say things like, “Really?! ANOTHER thing?!”
  • Do you say things like, “Why does so much bad stuff happen to us?!”
  • Do you lash out at others or become cranky? 
  • Do you avoid by drinking, spending, or having relationships with others?

If you answer yes to any of the above, then you like are saying ‘NO’ to an aspect of your relationship and your life that has the potential to grow ...

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Seeing Mirrors: How your relationships reflect who you are

Picture of MirrorPhotographer Seokmin Ko was recently featured on with his unique and inspiring series using mirrors. I speak, almost daily, with clients about how in relationships our partners are mirrors for us. In Ko’s work, you will notice how the mirror reflects back the environment where it is placed. You can barely make out the hands of the person holding the mirror in place as the mirror image is so strong.

Similarly, our chosen partner reflects back to us much of our own emotional landscape

which we then attribute to our partner.

What this means is that our partner reflects back to us our lovely parts as well as our not-so-favorable ...

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The Purpose of Your Marriage: It may not be what you think

Recently, at a talk that I was giving in Denver for 20 or so people, I asked, “What is the purpose of a marriage or committed relationship?” Jenny Glick | Denver CO Therapist

Their responses include:

  • To feel love
  • To have connection
  • To experience safety and intimacy
  • To grow trust
  • To have regular sex
  • To share financial responsibilities

I listed their answers on a whiteboard in one column and then I wrote the following in the adjacent column:

  • To experience intensity
  • To experience conflict
  • To grow your consciousness
  • To evolve

I asked the group, “What if the purpose of marriage and committed relationships is to create an intense container where one can experience conflict which will guide them ...

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