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Want To Take a Pilgrimage? Three ways to be on pilgrimage in your own relationship

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Millions of people take spiritual and religious pilgrimages every year to places like the Ganges River, Mecca, the Golden Temple, Saint Peter’s Bascilica, and other holy places. During such pilgrimages, people walk miles for days or even weeks — such as those who walk the Camino de Santiago, in Spain. Others take months or even years to live in Ashrams or follow spiritual gurus in order to gain wisdom, understanding, connection, and healing.

All of these are powerful and life-changing opportunities for personal growth and development.

But what if you could take a pilgrimage right from your own home?

What if you could gain deep personal and spiritual wisdom, grow your connection (with ...

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3 Ways To Recognize If Past Trauma Is Getting In The Way Of Your Relationship

Unresolved trauma can add an element of crazy-making to your relationships that can leave you stunned and confused. You might feel like you are ready to run out the door when these difficult patterns emerge in your relationship. 

That’s because trauma keeps the nervous system in a state of alert, always looking for danger, and ready to fight, run, or shut down, in an instant.   When your partner is feeling stressed and tries to communicate, your system senses danger, and you react as though you are under attack.  

What is trauma?

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Be Your Own Relationship Superhero In 3 Steps

Superhero Silhouette | Counseling Denver COOne of my favorite personal coaches, Emily Schromm, says, “Be your own superhero.” 


What if you decided to be your own superhero in your relationship?

Most couples come into my office wanting their partner to change: 

If only he would be more attentive / punctual /  responsible.

If only she would be more relaxed / less critical /  more sexually willing.

Read: If only my spouse would do the work, our marriage would be sooooo much better.


Where is your power in that? 

Believe me, I get ...

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Are you married to your spouse or married to your anger? Ask yourself these 3 questions.

Couples TherapyA recent widely posted article on Facebook tells the story of a hospice nurse who identified the top 5 regrets that people have on their death beds. The results are not surprising…things like “I wish I would have stayed in touch with my friends” and “I wish I would have let myself be happier”.

All five regrets have one thing in common…living a life where authentic relationships with oneself and others is primary.

Sometimes when I am in session with a couple and they are fire-red mad, hackles up, seething with resentment and anger, I ...

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Can Having An Affair Help My Marriage

cheating in a marriageA rather controversial and interesting discussion is occurring in the couples therapy world, “Can an affair improve my relationship?”

Crazy sounding, I know.

And yet, for those of us who work in the field, what we see is that folks who do the work after an affair is disclosed often describe having a relationship that is even better than before.


Not really.

In American culture, affairs are the most taboo choices that a spouse can make while married. It is quite common to hear the unmarried and married alike say, “If my husband cheated on me? ...

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“I think I married the wrong person. Now what?”

Woman in Red Shirt | Therapist in Denver COIt is pretty common in my line of work to run across folks who simply think that they have married the wrong person. These people often describe themselves as being chosen rather than choosing.

  • Symptoms of being chosen rather than choosing include:
  • lack of desire
  • boredom
  • a feeling of being mismatched from the beginning with your spouse
  • memories on your wedding day of thinking, “Why am I doing this?”
  • tendencies to people please or do what is ...

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Why Bother?: 7 reasons to do the work in relationship

The work of committed relationships can feel overwhelming.

We are raised in a culture where we believe, deep down, that if a relationship is "meant to be" it won't be a ton of work. Most of us know enough to know that it will be work...but no a TON of work. Right?

Relationships are a ton of work. They just are.

But what in life that is worth doing isn’t a ton of work?

Higher education, careers, children, family relationships, remodeling a home, gardening, the list goes on and on…they are all a lot of work. Sometimes people ask me, “Jenny, ...

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