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Why do we bother staying married?

You might have read this well-publicized article from July 2015 in the New York Times "The Wedding Toast I Will Never Give" by Ada Calhoun. 

Eloquently and with humor, Calhoun describes her experience in an 11-year marriage which is not what weddings make it out to be. She illustrates sitting at weddings of her friends and listening to the romantic vows of “best friends forever” and “til death do we part” while thinking the honest truth, for her, about marriage:

I want to say that one day you and your husband will fight about missed flights, and you’ll find yourself ...

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If It Doesn’t Burn, You Aren’t Changing

Couples Therapy Denver COI spend a fair amount of time at the gym with trainers in small group environments. I have written in the past about my love affair with CrossFit and the many metaphors with marriage counseling. This morning, there was another one.

Today I was attending a HELLth class at Endorphin (it’s my new thing) and the trainer Chris Lindley, per usual, was verbally encouraging (aka yelling at) the class to “Go Go Go!” Our legs flying on our bikes, the class of 24 women and 1 ...

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Ashley Madison and What It Means For Your Relationship

Marriage Counseling Denver CO

There has been a lot of buzz this week about affairs after the Ashley Madison scandal that broke.

Channel 7 News Denver even interviewed our own Jenny Glick, MA, MSC, LMFT to get her take on the situation.

Sadly, much of the substance of the conversation with the reporter was edited out. Here is what you missed...

Question: What do you think about Northglenn and why so many cheaters live there?

Answer: First of all, I wouldn't call them 'cheaters' -- people who are married often experience periods of loneliness even depression in marriage. Reaching out to engage in an affair or other addictive behaviors is a symptom of a larger problem. Northglenn is probably ...

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15 Years Married and Here Is What I Have Learned

Couples Therapy Denver CO

My husband and I just celebrated 15 years of marriage last week. 

A milestone for any couple but a hard earned one for us (like for many many of you as well).

Here is some of what I have learned in my years of wedded…eh hum…’bliss’:

  1. It is just as important to love yourself as it is to love your partner.

  2. Love does not make a marriage work. Work makes a marriage work.

  3. Minding your own business (i.e. doing your own work) is the key to long-term happiness in marriage. [If you don’t get what this means, call ...

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Is it time to end this marriage?

Individual Therapy Denver CO

Anthropologist Margaret Mead has famously said that a woman needs three husbands: 


  • The first is for youthful sex.

  • The second is to have and rear children.

  • And the third is for joyful companionship later in life.


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I just found out my spouse is having an affair. What do I do?

Denver CO Couples Therapy

We get several calls a week from people who have just learned that their spouse has been having an affair. During these calls, I hear disbelief, pain, grief, and fury. All of these varying emotions are normal and to be expected.


Many people ask, “What do I do now?!”


When you have discovered or learned about ...

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