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It's Football Season! Do You Need a Ref?

Male Referee | Denver CO TherapistThink about football for a minute...two teams engaging in a rough battle to win.


Think about when one team member engages in foul play and the referee throws the flag. The ref's job is to regulate the game, highlight infractions, and ensure all players are in compliance with safety regulations. The ref calls players out for violating agreements of the ...

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Three Proven Ways to Connect with Your Partner

So many couples complain about not feeling “connected” to their partner. Sometimes the other partner is confused by what “connected” means. 

“Well we live together. We sleep together. We talk everyday. How much more connected do you want to be?”

Connection is often about creating an energy between you and your lover. Yes, please notice that I did not say “partner” or “spouse” but “lover” — a word that few of us use to describe (or treat) our significant other…which is maybe why so many people say that they feel like they are living with a roommate. Just a thought…

Anyway…connection is something ...

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What to do after the affair…

Relationship Therapy Denver COWe deal with affairs everyday at our offices.

People are lonely. People are disconnected. People make choices that hurt people that they love.

Most of us know couples who have managed to stay together after affairs. But the real work is the work of healing after an affair.

It is typical that the hurt-partner wants to know everything that the affair-partner did with the other person:

  • Did you have sex?
  • Did you use protection?
  • When and where did you have sex?
  • When did it start?
  • When ...

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It’s not just about sex….

Upset Woman | Relationship Therapy DenverOur therapists log a fair number of hours talking about sex.

How much sex couples are having. How little sex couples are having. What kind of sex couples want to have. You name it.

Most people who are married understand that sex is not just about the mechanics of intercourse but rather that sex is connected to so many more aspects of who we are as sensual, expressive, sexual being.

Unfortunately, very few of us have the words or language to talk about these depths and nuances of sex. 

We often hear ...

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Four Ways to Increase Sexual Desire

Sex Therapist in Denver COIt is quite common that couples in long-term committed relationships hit periods of time when one or both partners have low sex drive or desire for sex.


This is normal and to be expected for periods of weeks, months or for some even years. Yes, years. There are many many reasons why couples stop having sex despite their best efforts to stay engaged.


Not having sex is only a problem in the relationship if it is a problem for your and/or your partner. If your low desire ...

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4 Lessons ‘Vanilla’ Couples Can Learn from the BDSM Community

Sex Therapy Denver COI am working toward my certification in Sex Therapy right now which means lots of reading and classes related to sex, sexuality, and sexual expression. [How fun is that?!]


A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to attend a workshop in Los Angeles with a world renown sex therapy educator and spend two days outside of the world of ‘vanilla’ sex and in the world of BDSM. The purpose of these kinds of trainings is to expose the clinician to LOTS of different sexual material in order to assess feelings, biases, judgments, ...

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Do we stay together for the kids?

Relationship Counseling Denver CO"Do we stay together for the kids?"

This is a common question heard in our offices.

What’s better?

STAY: keep an ‘intact’ family with 2 parents who are marginally connected, infrequently being intimate, and waiting for the day in August when the last kid ships off to college before they call it quits…


LEAVE: divorce and deal with the loss of financial security, the great unknown of how the children will manage two households and emotional challenges, and hope (pray) to eventually find another mate ...

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