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Don’t Allow Habit to Ruin Your Relationship

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Pema Chodron teaches “whatever you do you are strengthening that habit".

She goes on to teach that humans so often mindlessly allow habituated thoughts, feelings, and actions to create stress, anxiety, and fear in their lives. Without much awareness about the process, you unconsciously get better at the things that bring us disconnection, loneliness, and pain.

If you have spent more than six months with a partner or lover, you have likely already begun to develop a number of habits — thoughts both good and not-so-generous about the person, feelings both good and not-so-generous, and actions both good and not-so-generous. If you are like many people, you have a slight tendency to ...

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What Does it Cost Your Partner to be in a Relationship with You?

Relationship Therapy Denver COOur culture does a great job selling us the idea of The One — the one person who is a great fit:

  • sexually
  • emotionally
  • mentally
  • physically

I hate to break it to you but The One is a myth. It does not exist.

If you want to be in a long-term relationship — and some people do not — but if you do want to play house with someone, maybe have kids, maybe blend your lives together then you must be willing to settle for some things that are annoying and bothersome. You have to learn to let that ...

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“Here is my sinister plan…shhhhh…don’t tell…”

Individual Therapy Denver CO

I started my career working exclusively with children.

Foster children, homeless children, teenagers of all shapes and sizes, young children, old children, rich children and poor children.

I doggedly engaged in learning all kinds of fancy therapies to help these children:

  • art therapy,
  • play therapy,
  • sand tray therapy,
  • reality therapy,
  • wilderness therapy,
  • dance therapy,…and the list goes on

…in order to engage, heal and guide these young people.

And then one day it occurred to me.

"Everyday, I am sending these children back home to their families."

Back into their same systems, their same dynamics that in some cases created the ...

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Do I Need a Sex Therapist?

Word Chart | Sex Therapy Denver COSex therapy is a specific arm of psychotherapy that provides education, resources, and guidance for individuals and couples who are struggling with a wide array of issues. Sex and intimacy are foundational in our relationships -- how much sex, what kind of sex, whether we have sex or not -- all of these aspects of sex tend to come up in our coupledom at some point in our lives. Many people wonder, "am I normal?!" [HINT: chances are that you definitely are] but would like to talk with someone who specializes in sex...just to make ...

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3 Reasons Why Your Sex Life Might Just Suck

Couple Looking From Under Sheet | Denver CO TherapistIf you are in a committed relationship, chances are you have had an argument with your partner about sex. If you have never had such an argument — bravo you! But you might check in with your partner to be sure that they too are satisfied and not keeping mum in order to avoid a fight.

#1 You have forgotten that sex is about pleasure and not necessarily about penetration.

Sure, for many couples penetration is a part of the sexual event — but it certainly doesn’t need to be 1) the main ...

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The Hard Days Determine Your Relationship -- Not The Easy Days

Relationship Counseling in Denver CO

In the field of marriage and couples counseling, we often talk about how there are three encounters that couples need to master:

    •    Harmony

    •    Disharmony

    •    Repair

Harmony, for most couples, is easy. Traveling together, dinners out without the kids, enjoying your favorite outdoor activity on a beautiful day. You fall in love usually because you do harmony so well. It helps us for attachment and connection that is much needed for the later stages of our life together.

Disharmony comes easy for most couples however doing it well is key. If you spend everyday with ANY person, you will hits moments of disharmony. ...

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