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“No, Mom! No no no!”

So began my morning with my 11-year old son.

One of the things that I LOVE about being a relationship specialist and having a child is that it keeps me humble.

Therapist in Denver COBeing in a relationship with a tween is just like being in a relationship with anyone else. As soon as I think that I have it all figured out about how they feel, think, or see the world, I just left the moment and abandoned the authenticity of our relationship. As soon as I assume that I know everything, I box the person into my preconceived idea of who they are and ...

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Couples Communication: You Are Here Now

Couples Communication Help Denver COOk…first of all, to be clear, this is not a scientific study. But rather a query that I took to some of my close colleague-friends in the field of couples therapy. I asked, “What is the one thing that you hear most from the couples in your office?”

The response:

“We don't know how to communicate.”

Not surprisingly, the same sentence that I hear and have heard in my practice for years.

Here is some straight talk: Most couples totally know how to communicate. But what they tend to communicate is what is wrong with their partner. Remember, you are always communicating. ...

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