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Snickerdoodles, Pain and Discomfort

SnickerdoodlesWhat might snickerdoodles have to do with relationships?

I was recently reading the Huffington Post with their pros giving tips on best strategies for health in 2013. In her short article Eve Hogan lists some smart and simple strategies for relationship health:

1) Remember What Your Goal Is: A Healthy, Loving Relationship

2) Step Two: Simply Notice Your Own Response To The Event

3) Step Three: Ask Yourself If Your Actions, Thoughts, And Words Are Leading You Closer To Your Goal — Or Further Away

Of course, these steps make perfect sense and are quite useful in bringing awareness to our actions with our partners and significant others. What is so interesting to me is ...

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Engaging Deeply

I just returned from a wonderful retreat at the Sophia Peace Center in Dolores, CO. A beautiful winter wonderland blanketed in white snow and burning brightly with dazzling stars duringCouples Therapy Denver CO the night. A perfect spot to delve into the deeper workings of the soul. I attend such retreats regularly to, among other things, maintain my own sense of deeper connection and peace while engaging fully in the world.

Something new has been occurring for me recently as I go away on retreats…I WANT to come back to my life. I begin to long to return to engage deeply in my life with a renewed ...

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Stillness to Enhance Your Relationships

I had the good fortune to spend the holiday outside of beautiful Winter Park, CO. For most of us, this intense time with family and friends is filled with joy and occasionally a gentle (or not so gentle) reminder that we need to give ourselves time alone…in quiet…to replenish in order to be better in our relationship with our loved ones.

On the last day of my trip, I chose to spend the day alone in the snowy mountains enjoying some skate skiing. It was pristine and crisp…a place that reflected the beauty of this planet and all that it has to offer when I slow down enough to take it ...

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Manifesting Belief Part I

As a couples therapist and relationship specialist, I spend a fair amount of time talking about infidelity with people. When does it happen? Why does it happen? How often does itRelationship Therapy Denver CO happen? Will it happen to me?

The research is a bit confusing on the subject…we know that between 20 and 70% of married couples admit to having affairs. This ranges from sexual involvement with someone other than their spouse to romantic flirting (nonsexual) with someone other than their spouse. And…this is all by self-report so you can see how the data is rather murky.


I looked up the word “infidelity” in

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Space to Expand

Denver CO TherapySince I have begun writing a blog, I have also begun to read blogs as well. And, wow, there are some great blogs out there! Some of the blogs that I have been reading recently are about minimalism or living simply.

Courtney Carver’s is one that I particularly enjoy. Today she is writing about her Reverse 100 Thing Challenge – getting rid of 100 things in order to “be more with less”. It made me think of the many things that we can psychologically, emotionally, and energetically “give up” so that we might “be more with less”.

I talk a lot with people about sorting ...

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Vulnerability — The Doorway to Transformation and Change

It seems that everyone is talking about Brene Brown…the way she has exposed our culture and our world to an honest and open conversation about vulnerability and shame is extraordinary…and, I believe, helping to change our global consciousness about living more authentically.

Exploring Vulnerability Denver COFor most of us, it is one thing to sit around with our close friends or colleagues and talk about vulnerability (if you work in my field, this happens a lot).But to BE vulnerable…to live in one’s vulnerability…to live honestly and to relate with vulnerability to another human being…well, that can be something different all together.

This morning I took a walk ...

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Walk in the Park Therapy

Introducing a new kind of relationship support in Denver, Colorado…

In the time honored tradition of walking and talking with a trusted confidante, let me be your guide to your own unfoldment!

We will meet near City Park or in Cherry Creek North.

We will walk, talk, open, and transform to something new in your life.

Come with your questions, your ponderings, and

your willingness to open to your own heart’s path.

Have a small child? Bring ‘em along in a stroller!

This is your time for your optimal growth and nourishment…how can we maximize it so that your life might be as full and rich as you desire? Homebound with little ones? I will come to you.

Walk in the ...

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