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Marriage Secrets: What you hide, you get to keep

Marriage Therapy Denver COI had the good fortune of spending time with a wise teacher of mine this weekend. Through the course of the seminar, a wide range of topics was covered but something that she said, stood out to me as it relates to marital relationships: “What you hide, you get to keep.”

My teacher was not talking about marriage per se but rather about those places in us that we do not want to expose to others…our fear, hurt, embarrassment, shame. The places where we feel most vulnerable. We tend to hide these places from others…we pretend that they do not exist, try ...

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Pre-Marital Therapy: Lessons from your flight attendant

Pre-Marital Therapy Denver COThere is a bit of a debate in the therapy world around the utility of pre-marital or pre-marriage therapy. Here is my perspective: set yourself up for success and invest in what matters to you.

Why bother with pre-marital therapy if everything is fine right now?

You know when you board an airplane and the flight attendant calming explains the safety “procedures in the unlikely event of an emergency landing”. I can tell you right now that when you are married, it is very likely that you are going to encounter situations when you will need some emergency procedures. Emergency landings happen when you are ...

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Two Minute Communication Tip

I am beginning a new video series…Two Minute Tips for Your Relationships. If you have a tip request, post it in the comment section below and I will answer your relationship or communication question!

Want to learn more? Contact me at 720.457.3342 for a free 20 minute consultation to see how I might be able to help you improve your relationships today!

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5 Relationship Myths That Hurt Your Marriage

Couple walking on beach | Counselor Denver COWe have so many assumptions about relationships. Have you ever stopped to consider what your assumptions are? If you do, you might be surprised as these are the guiding beliefs that shape your marital interactions. Here are 5 common myths that I talk to couples about daily.

Relationship Myth #1: If I love my partner, it will be easy.

Contrary to Hollywood-created belief, love does not magically wipe away the rough patches in marriage and other relationships. By design, relationships require work and will cause pain and stretching in our hearts as we learn how to communicate with one ...

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Healthy Relationships: Three lessons from a tulip

Healthy Relationship HelpFor some reason, we have it in our heads that a “healthy relationship” means no conflict…no strife…no complications…no opposing ideas.

This is not true.

By definition, if you are in a relationship, you will have conflict. Our relationships are eco-systems and any evolving, dynamic, changing eco-system will encounter conflict. Conflict, which is simply, opposing ideas.

The yellow tulip bulb that has been breaking open, sprouting, and stretching to the top of the twelve-inch glass container on my dining room table has been in conflict with its tunic (that is its “papery outer shell” of the bulb — I had to look that one up) for several weeks. ...

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What’s your relationship response style? Toward, Away, or Against?

Do you turn:Relationship Therapy Denver CO


your partner, friend, or co-worker during an interaction?

This is a significant factor in determining your relationship satisfaction and sense of acceptance and value with yourself and in your relationships.

Dr. John Gottman and his team have pioneered the scientific research of couples, marriage, and relationship in the last twenty years. Most of us know that healthy communication is a fundamental part of healthy relationships. Dr. Gottman’s research has taught us HOW we connect with our partners, coworkers, friends, and family is primary to WHAT we are connecting about.

What this means is that it is less important what we are talking about in ...

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Relationship Help: Three tips to healing through loss

Writer, lecturer, and Buddhist-meditation-guru, Tara Brach writes in this week’s Huffington Post article that if we defend against the experience of loss, we miss the opportunity to connectHealing Through Loss Denver CO with others. What she is talking about is how most of us push away those feelings of sadness, pain, and hurt covering them over with the “I’m fine” mask of the world. Loss comes in countless forms…there are the big losses of a death of a loved one, grief of an illness, loss of a relationship or marriage, home, or job…there is also the loss of a dream or hope.

If you have lived at all ...

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