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Fall Into Failure

Tree with sunset in back | Therapist Denver COYou may associate defeat with negative outcomes. It is usually believed that failure is equated to wrongness, badness, the not-supposed-to’s in life, and even death. It is considered “lucky” to be able to evade failure – as if you have thwarted some emotional plague that will brand you with the shameful label of being a loser or mediocre in life.

But is avoiding failure really somehow superior to failing?

In her pivotal book, “The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are,” Brene Brown spells out the ills of those ...

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Parenting: It’s Not About Being Perfect. It’s About Being Awake.

Man Hiking with Large Backpack | Counseling Center of Cherry CreekConfession…sometimes when my 11-year-old son does something really annoying to me, I think to myself, “That is just like your Dad.” Ouch. I know, not my most elevated state of consciousness there.

Today, as I watched my son exhibit some of my own qualities, I thought, “Oooh…the apple doesn’t fall far from this tree either.”

I watched my son set up his iPad to video himself playing the piano. Sweet.

He situated the camera and then secured a blue bandana around his eyes so that he could not see the piano keys. He looked straight into the ...

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Shedding the Tough Exterior: Embracing your relationship

Many of us chose to live while putting up the tough guy act. We try to put up a facade that we are holding it all together. Opening up to a partner or a loved one in a relationshipDenver CO Counseling or the mere thought can be frightening for some amongst us. But wearing that guarded armor all the time can put you at considerable loss if you wish to get involved in more real and intimate relationship.

While this self-sufficiency and autonomy helps us weather most of the storms in our life, they can also steal the true sense of intimacy from our relationships. ...

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Trust in the Workplace: 10 ways to increase your trust-factor

Woman standing in office | Therapist Denver CO

We are suffering from trust fatigue 

As the news headlines rave about the government shutdown, Gallup puts the plummeting trust in government into the limelight: “Americans’ trust and confidence in the federal government’s ability to handle international problems has reached an all-time low”.

But the resentment towards the government is not the only thing that seems to have been hit by a historically low trust level. The sports industry has also been engulfed by a wave of mistrust as the news points out, “Who will want to watch great sporting achievement that cannot be believed?”

Let’s instead bring into focus issues that are closer to us. As Forbes hits us with the headlines, ...

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Sex and Intimacy: What’s the difference?

Man and woman holding hands | Counseling Center of Cherry CreekMost couples struggle to find the balance between sex and intimacy in a relationship. But are sex and intimacy really that different from each other? Are they intricately linked or does one simply lead into another. Sex and intimacy are terms that are more than often used interchangeably.

No two individuals can be expected to hold rigorously similar beliefs about sex in a relationship. Maybe this is one of the reasons why they are unable to chalk out a clear cut difference between sex and intimacy.

It used to be that sex would follow a ...

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Growing a Heart of Peace in Conflict

Heart of Peace in ConflictHave you read the Anatomy of Peace by the Arbinger Institute? If you are in a relationship, I recommend that you read it. Like soon. Or watch this rather historical five minute video to get the gist of it.

One of the central premises in the book is how to maintain a “heart of peace” rather than a “heart of war” in times of conflict, and life in general.

What is a heart of war?

Let’s start with how a heart of war feels. It feels cold, righteous, offended, wronged. This is the part of us that wants to attack and defend during a disagreement or situation ...

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The Best Viral Video in a Long Time…

Woman taking picture of man on phone | Denver Therapist

If you don’t know Louis C. K. the comedian you might spend some time getting to know him.

His recent visit to Conan O’Brien produced a stellar vignette on how cheap connection through media use prevents deep experiences of our inner landscapes. How many times do you reach for the phone to text, call, check FB in order to fill up space in your life. It has rapidly become acceptable to fill every moment with checking ones phone for such important reasons as seeing if you have new email message. From the second that we wake up until the minute we bed down many of us (myself included!) live with our phones right in the palm ...

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