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Sandra Selvon-Semin, MA, LPCC, CTP

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Individual & Couples Therapist | Parenting & Coparenting Coach | Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate

Sandra currently sees clients Monday and Tuesday, including evenings. 

**In addition to in-person sessions, Sandra is offering the option of video counseling services for your convenience. **

Sandra is a highly skilled and compassionate therapist with an innate ability to connect with clients, build trust, and relate quickly to individuals. She helps individuals and couples explore, understand, and overcome personal, social, and/or behavioral issues. And, she strives to provide a safe, non-judgmental space where the needs and challenges of her clients can be addressed and understood. 

Sandra provides an eclectic and integrative therapy approach that is inclusive to ALL people.  With her multi-cultural life experiences, she incorporates cultural competency and sensitivity to accommodate and respect differences in opinions and values. Sandra’s past and current work experience includes addiction, anxiety & depression, family therapy, end of life & grief therapy, trauma, veterans & their families, and support of the LGBTQA+ community. 


Trauma & Relationships

Sandra specializes in developmental childhood trauma and understands first-hand how childhood trauma can affect relationships and everyday life, even as an adult. She brings not only specialized training, but the invaluable experience of her own recovery process with her own therapist.  Sandra has walked the path from the pain and relationship challenges child-hood trauma can bring, to a powerfully healing experience of new awareness and insight, healthy relationships, and a new appreciation for life. 

With a focus on the complex and crucial connections between mind & body, she will help you process and recover from trauma and emotional distress. She offers an empathetic and empowering attitude toward her clients’ emotional struggles, aspirations and personal growth. She encourages her clients to talk about their experiences, not only in order to gain insights into patterns of negative thinking, but additionally to identify harmful behavior patterns and learn new ways to cope with triggers. To work with a therapist who has specialized training and personal experience with child-hood trauma provides a rich and healing experience for clients with this history.


Parenting & Coparenting Coaching

As a coparenting coach, Sandra offers a personalized plan with clear goals to help her clients better navigate the intricacies of their family’s unique situation.  In her work, she approaches coparenting from the perspective of a child’s advocate so that the child(ren) will be the priority and focus of coparenting.  Whether the parents are in relationship or separated/divorced, she is masterful at helping clients navigate their way to a more positive and functional relationship so that their children can thrive and feel supported by both parents.  

Not only does Sandra bring coparenting coaching expertise, but she brings her own experience of working toward a healthier coparienting relationship with her ex-husband.  She was married for 20 years and struggled in a marriage where trauma and addiction was often at the forefront. Sandra eventually found herself making the hard decision to get a divorce and start her life over. Working alongside her therapist and with her own training as a parenting and coparenting coach, she went through a transformative journey which enabled her to develop a more cohesive and collaborative coparenting relationship with her ex-husband. 


  • MA in Counseling:  Clinical Mental Health, 2016
  • BS in Telecommunication & Applied Computing, 2002
  • Colorado Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate # LPCC.0016457
  • Certificate in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT web)
  • Certificate in Integrative Mental Health, 2014
  • Certified Trauma Professional, 2022

Are you interested in booking at Counseling Center of Cherry Creek with Sandra? She is available Monday and Tuesday, including evenings. You can book online now or call our Client Ambassador at 720.457.3342 for assistance. 


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