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Don't touch me like that!

Wood sculpture of two people hugging | Therapist Denver COAs a marriage and sex therapist, I talk a lot with my clients about touch, connection and communication.

The thing that may surprise you is that lots of people don’t actually know HOW they would like to be touched.

They know how they DON’T want to be touched (and have communicated that thoroughly often with their partner). But when we get down to exactly what they would want their partners to do with their bodies — in detail — that can be hard for some people to articulate.

And of course ...

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Sex Didn’t Used to Be as Spontaneous as You Think...

One of the most common complaints that we hear from couples in a committed relationship is that the sex is not “as natural and spontaneous as it used to be”.


Let me walk you through what “used to be your spontaneous sex life”….

One of you contacted the other, on say a Tuesday, suggested that you meet up for dinner, music, and dessert FOR FRIDAY. This is a full four day lead up to the *event*.

During that four days…all participants usually do one or more of the following:

  • shave,
  • wax,
  • trim,
  • comb,
  • tan,
  • pluck,
  • dress,
  • consider “do I wear ...

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Do I Need a Sex Therapist?

Word Chart | Sex Therapy Denver COSex therapy is a specific arm of psychotherapy that provides education, resources, and guidance for individuals and couples who are struggling with a wide array of issues. Sex and intimacy are foundational in our relationships -- how much sex, what kind of sex, whether we have sex or not -- all of these aspects of sex tend to come up in our coupledom at some point in our lives. Many people wonder, "am I normal?!" [HINT: chances are that you definitely are] but would like to talk with someone who specializes in sex...just to make ...

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