Couples Therapy in Denver, CO

When you feel like you have tried everything in your relationship and nothing has worked, we are here to help!

Research suggests that the average struggling couple waits around six years before they seek professional help from a licensed counselor. This means that the average couple spends six years having repetitive arguments, feeling upset and unsatisfied, and struggling to communicate with their partners. After years of using ineffective behaviors, some couples admit that they feel stuck and entirely unable to change.

Six years—or even six months—is far too long to struggle with your relationship and to feel like you can’t connect with your partner. If you are struggling as a couple, please don’t wait another day to call our licensed counselors. At the Counseling Center of Cherry Creek, we are here to help struggling couples learn to communicate healthily again. If you are considering couples therapy in Denver, CO, please call our therapists at (720) 457-3342. 

Our licensed therapists are trained to help you get from where you are right now to where you want to be in your relationship.

No Concern Is Too Small

At the Counseling Center of Cherry Creek, couples will come to us worried that their concerns are too minor or their questions too trivial. If your concerns or questions are affecting your relationship, then they are not too small! Different problems affect different people in different ways, which is why our licensed Cherry Creek, CO couples counselors will work with you if you are having thoughts such as:

  • I feel like we have the same argument all the time
  • I feel more like a roommate than a romantic partner 
  • I’m not sure I want to work on my relationship or marriage anymore
  • I am so angry at my partner for refusing to work on our relationship 
  • I am not sure I can forgive my partner after finding out they were having an affair
  •  I feel scared that my partner may not love me anymore

Denver Couples Counseling Can Address Multiple Issues in Your Relationship 

If your relationship feels toxic, hurtful, strained, flat, or stuck, you may just need a jump-start in order to move forward and feel love again. Couples counseling in Cherry Creek can often provide this jump-start and create a safe place where you and your partner can learn to communicate more effectively, grow greater intimacy, and breathe life back into your love connection. 

Now Is the Time to Begin Feeling Better in Your Relationship 

New coping tools can help you find relief from distance, frustration, and pain in your relationship. Our Cherry Creek, CO therapists are trained to teach couples how to use these tools. We believe in taking a hands-on approach, rolling up our sleeves, and diving right in to provide you the best professional counseling possible. 

When you are ready to meet our couples counseling clinicians, you can schedule a free ten-minute telephone consultation with our Client Ambassador by calling us at (720) 457-3342 in Cherry Creek 80206