Couples Therapy in Denver CO

When you feel like you have tried everything and nothing has worked -- we are here to help!

The average couple waits SIX YEARS before seeking help. Six years of having the same argument, feeling the same dissatisfaction, experiencing the same disappointment. After so many years, it can be difficult to change well-established patterns. If you are struggling with your relationship, feeling like you don't feel connected to your partner, or if your trust has been broken please don't wait one more day, call (720) 457-3342 to get some relief.

Our licensed therapists are trained to help you get from where you are right now, to where you want to be in your relationship.

Couples often come to us with questions like:

  • "Do I even want to work on this relationship after what has happened?!"
  • "We keep having the same argument over and over again!"
  • "I don't feel like my partner gets me."
  • "I don't feel connected anymore with my partner...I feel like we are roommates."
  • "I love my partner but I am no longer in love."
  • "I just found out that my partner has been having an affair. What now?"

Couples counseling addresses a number of issues in your relationship:

  • Learning more effective ways to communicate so that you feel seen and heard.
  • Creating safety so you can get a handle on life when it feels out of control.
  • Learning how to grow greater intimacy and passion in your relationship.
  • Disrupting the old patterns of communication so that something new can emerge.
  • Leveling up your love connection.

If your relationship is feeling flat, strained, or down-right toxic, couples counseling might be the jumpstart you need to move forward and meet your relationship and life goals.

Whether you are trying to save a relationship, improve communication, or are contemplating divorce, couples counseling can support you each step of the way.

Now is the time to begin feeling better in your relationship.Couples Therapy Denver CO

Most couples can begin feeling relief from the distance and pain in their relationship by learning new tools. Our licensed therapists are standing by to help bring those effective tools into your relationship so that you can experience the kind of connection and love that you have been wanting. Although we cannot make any promises, we believe in rolling up our sleeves and diving in to guide you through a place of confusion and pain to a place of peace and connection. Call right now, (720) 457-3342, and let's get started!

What if your partner is not ready for counseling?

This is actually very common. Both partners are not always ready at the same time to do couples work. And yet, you can still get help having couples therapy for one. You and your partner are part of a system called your relationship and what we know is that if one part of that system changes than the entire system begins to change. 

Many of our clients are individuals wanting to learn more about what they want in their relationship, what their partner wants, identifying the ineffective behaviors that are used to gets these wants met -- and then learning clear, concrete strategies to change the system. It works! Call now to get started, (720) 457-3342.

Thought leader Seth Godin says:

"You don't need more time, you just need to decide." 

Decide today to not let your circumstances or relationship habits define your relationship future. Call us today at (720) 457-3342 to make an appointment or book online 24/7 by clicking the red button at the top of your screen. 

Ready to Meet Our Clinicians? Please don't go through this alone.

We are skilled professionals ready to support and guide you. Call us today, (720) 457-3342 and our Client Ambassador will assist you.