Couples Therapy For One in Denver, CO

Sometimes your partner just does not want to come into therapy. But you really feel like your NEED couples therapy. 

Both partners are not always ready at the same time to do couples work. 

We offer couples therapy for one, the opportunity for YOU to explore the relationship on your own with a trained couples therapist. You and your partner have created a system that we call a relationship. We know that if one part of that system begins to change (you) then the relationship begins to change as well. 

Many of our clients are in fact individuals who are wanting to learn more about themselves, their relationships, and the patterns that they perpetuate in a relationship with their partners. It is our job to help you understand your relationship (and yourself) from a new perspective and to learn clear, concrete strategies to change the system in order to create the relationship that you want. It works! Call now to get started, (720) 457-3342.

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