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Problems With Desire In Your Marriage? Try This Now.

Many people can easily remember the “good ‘ol days of their relationship…the early days when spontaneous and frequent sex was as routine as the morning cup of coffee. But after many years, children, mortgages, and careers, sex often begins to fade. There is more desire for sleep than there is for an orgasm with your partner.

In the post-“50 Shades of Gray” era, it is common for couples to consider spicing up their sex lives with new activities in order jump-start the desire (think leather, bodices, and fantasy play). At times this may be effective but it can often lead to arguing, hurt feelings, and commentary on ...

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Pre-Marital Therapy: Lessons from your flight attendant

Pre-Marital Therapy Denver COThere is a bit of a debate in the therapy world around the utility of pre-marital or pre-marriage therapy. Here is my perspective: set yourself up for success and invest in what matters to you.

Why bother with pre-marital therapy if everything is fine right now?

You know when you board an airplane and the flight attendant calming explains the safety “procedures in the unlikely event of an emergency landing”. I can tell you right now that when you are married, it is very likely that you are going to encounter situations when you will need some emergency procedures. Emergency landings happen when you are ...

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