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An unsolicited comment from Cara's client...

"I want you to know that you are really f****** good at your job!"

"No teaming up!"

I loved that Cara didn’t team up on one partner….

"It didn't feel like the dentist..."

Thank you so much. I have always hated counseling...too exhausting...but for the first time ever - today, I wasn't constantly checking the clock - it didn't feel like a dentist appointment LOL. I actually felt better telling someone about things. I usually feel totally drained but this time I feel slightly hopeful - which is saying a lot.


Wonderful session!


Excellent experience! Loving it!

So easy to talk to!

Cara was so easy to talk to! She created safety so it was easy to open up.

"Major progress after one session"

We had a great time speaking with Cara yesterday, and both agreed that we made major progress after only one session.

"Brenda helped me so much!"

"Brenda helped me deal with my family so much! Now I know I can handle whatever happens."

'Helped My Family Tremendously'

I just wanted to write to say how grateful I am, Jenny, that you are in our lives. You have helped my family tremendously. Thank you thank you! N. J.

...changed my whole life...

"[Brenda], seeing you has changed my whole life, this has been wonderful!"

'Helped Me Understand Myself Better'

Jenny made me comfortable right away. At the time, I was dealing with a failing marriage and trying to figure out what to do next and how to work through the issues that got me into that relationship in the first place. Jenny helped me understand myself better. She helped me reframe some things about my life that I didn't like. She helped me turn my divorce from a failure into freedom. I. S.

'Could Not Recommend More'

Could not recommend (Jenny) more as a local counselor. She is rocking our worlds!

"Super Knowledgable"

All you need to do is an initial consult and you'll be able to tell Jenny really knows what she's doing and is super knowledgable in her field. When she talks about marriage and relationships she says things that amaze me because they really hit home- you can tell she relates and has a full understanding of what others are going through.
Aside from her physical practice, she also runs a "Walk & Talk" series that's held outside. She's reached out to her community with this program and it's been a huge success. A.G.

'Get in Touch with Jenny'

Jenny is so in tune with people's emotions, and is an expert in human dynamics. She points out things about the way we interact that I would never have expected. Your relationships are so important, and if you are struggling with a relationship or just want to maximize the happiness that the relationship gives you, definitely get in touch with Jenny, she's the best. C.L.

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