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“Here is my sinister plan…shhhhh…don’t tell…”

Individual Therapy Denver CO

I started my career working exclusively with children.

Foster children, homeless children, teenagers of all shapes and sizes, young children, old children, rich children and poor children.

I doggedly engaged in learning all kinds of fancy therapies to help these children:

  • art therapy,
  • play therapy,
  • sand tray therapy,
  • reality therapy,
  • wilderness therapy,
  • dance therapy,…and the list goes on

…in order to engage, heal and guide these young people.

And then one day it occurred to me.

"Everyday, I am sending these children back home to their families."

Back into their same systems, their same dynamics that in some cases created the ...

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3 Reasons Why Your Sex Life Might Just Suck

Couple Looking From Under Sheet | Denver CO TherapistIf you are in a committed relationship, chances are you have had an argument with your partner about sex. If you have never had such an argument — bravo you! But you might check in with your partner to be sure that they too are satisfied and not keeping mum in order to avoid a fight.

#1 You have forgotten that sex is about pleasure and not necessarily about penetration.

Sure, for many couples penetration is a part of the sexual event — but it certainly doesn’t need to be 1) the main ...

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You Are What You Think...

Woman with Eyes Closed | Denver CO CounselorThere is a Buddhist saying, “You are what you think.”

  • What do you think about yourself?
  • What do you think about your present relationship?
  • What do you think about your past relationship(s)?

What thoughts are running around in your head right now about yourself — right now, say them out loud or write them down.

I was recently sitting with a client who has a long history of judgment about her body. She can be quite harsh on herself about her weight and ...

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The Ultimate Holiday Gift

Denver CO Counseling

The holidays are such a joyful and exciting time for many — it is also a season that can be the perfect platform for chaos within your relationships. 

Stress levels can build with increased travel, time with family, financial strains, holiday events, and relationship expectations. Our sleep can suffer and our overall mood can be compromised.

Our relationships are often the first to suffer — consider it the trickle out effect — once upheaval occurs within ourselves, it spreads across all domains within our life. We no longer have the stamina to deal with even the smallest of issues, leaving our ...

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Do we stay together for the kids?

Relationship Counseling Denver CO"Do we stay together for the kids?"

This is a common question heard in our offices.

What’s better?

STAY: keep an ‘intact’ family with 2 parents who are marginally connected, infrequently being intimate, and waiting for the day in August when the last kid ships off to college before they call it quits…


LEAVE: divorce and deal with the loss of financial security, the great unknown of how the children will manage two households and emotional challenges, and hope (pray) to eventually find another mate ...

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