We are now offering the option of video counseling services for your convenience and safety so that you can attend your appointment from the comfort of your own home if you would like. Please let us know if you would like to use this option for your next appointment!
Counseling Center of Cherry Creek


We recognize that quality counseling services is an investment of time, energy, heart and money.

We understand that you are looking to work with someone who knows what they are doing and who specializes in the issues that you are struggling with. 

  • Our clinicians are all licensed, experienced with advanced training in working with communication, intimacy, couples, sex, and relationships. Our therapists have a minimum of 5 years post-licensed experience (which means they are not newbies at this work!) and most have over 10 years of post-licensed experience.


  • Our fees range between at $175/60-min hour and $250/60-min hour -- *note that unlike most therapists, we offer a full hour here rather than the typical 45 or 50 minute "therapy hour".


  • We are out-of-network for all insurance however we will provide you with a receipt after payment if you care to submit it to your insurance carrier for potential reimbursement. 


  • We accept cash, check, and credit cards (including HSAs) for payment.


Have more questions? Give us a ring at 720.457.3342 and our Client Ambassador will answer any additional questions that you might have!



Frequently Asked Questions

If your spouse is not yet interested in counseling, that’s ok! You can still come into our counseling office by yourself! We offer Couples Therapy for One specifically for this situation.

Many of our clients have found relationship relief by coming in, meeting with a counselor, and starting the healing process on their own. There is no shame in attending Couples Therapy for One. Commonly, one party is interested in couples counseling while the other person is hesitant. Often, however, when one party begins attending couples counseling, the other party soon develops an interest. 

Do not get upset if your partner is hesitant about beginning couples therapy. Until they are ready to meet, you can still work with your therapist, build trust, and start sorting out some of the more significant issues in your relationship. 

Contact Our Client Ambassador

If you feel like it is time for something to change, it only takes one person to get the process started! 

Still not sure? Give us a call right now at (720) 457-3342, and our helpful client ambassador can answer any of your questions. We are currently accepting new clients, and we have couples therapy for one sessions that can begin immediately.

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