Anna Gries, MA, LPC

 Anna GriesMA, LPC

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Individual & Couples Therapist | Licensed Professional Counselor

** Please note: Anna is taking maternity leave May 2018 - October 2018**

An East Coast transplant, Anna (like so many in Colorado) enjoys being outside. She and her husband of 4 years, their infant daughter, and geriatric French bulldog, Roxy, can be found walking, running, taking in a yoga class, or enjoying any of the fine cafes in Denver.

Anna is a goal-oriented therapist focusing on the objectives that the individual or couple bring into the therapy session. She often says that her job is to help her clients learn to get back in the driver's seat of their lives. With couples, the work is often to learn how to be better “co-pilots” on that journey. Her style is direct although she definitely brings spontaneity, creativity, and humor in the room!

When you first come in to meet with Anna, she will want to know about you, your cultural and family values and belief systems. Your unique experience matters to Anna and the ways that your experiences influence your perceptions and actions in relationships. Most people who come to couples counseling want help with communication. Anna will help you how you communicate verbally but she will also explore your non-verbal communication patterns...this will help you fine-tune how you show up in the world and with your partner.

As a strengths-based therapist, Anna will help you see the possibilities in your life and in your partner, rather than only the limitations.

When Anna was 3 years old, her parents went through a divorce -- and then remarried each other 12 years later! Not your usual family origin story! This is, in part, what drew Anna to working with couples and in relationships. Seeing the patterns of divorce, the impact that it has on the family members, and then the work that it takes -- the artistry really -- to create a relationship that works. These are the parts of relationship that are so fascinating and engaging for Anna.

Anna particularly enjoys working with couples and individuals who:

  • are struggling with communication and connection
  • are new parents learning how to co-parent with one another despite differing views
  • are in same-sex relationships wanting an affirming place to work on their connection
  • have experienced a lot of transition and hardship in their lives and need new more effective coping skills
  • are in blended relationships 
  • are struggling with in-laws 

Anna's personal motto:  “Live, Laugh, Love” & “Work hard, play hard.”

And here are the credentials:

  • MA in International Disaster Psychology, University of Denver, CO, 2010
  • BA in Psychology, Minor in Disaster Studies, State University of New York at New Paltz, NY, 2008
  • Colorado Licensed Professional Counselor #0011172

Anna is eager and ready to help you! Busy during the week? No problem! Anna is Monday and Thursday evenings for appointments so call today 720.457.3342 and our Client Ambassador will get you scheduled. Or book online 24/7!