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Margie Kaems | Denver Therapist

Margie Kaems

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Individual & Couples Therapist | Licensed Clinical Social Worker

** seeing clients: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (including evenings) **

For close to 15 years, Margie has been providing high quality therapy for individuals, couples and families in both rural and urban settings. Raised in East Tennessee in a suburb of the Smoky Mountain National Park, educated in the Northeast and now living out West, Margie brings perspective from these cultural corners of the country.  Having grown up in a Catholic household with a younger sister by both parents, one of German descent and one of Irish, who have been married for 40 years, she brings an experience of witnessing her parents work through challenges of marriage while ultimately maintaining a healthy relationship.  Margie has also participated in couples counseling herself during her 6 year marriage, found this experience to be extremely helpful for her relationship, while in her particular situation, she and her husband eventually decided to amicably divorce and separate on good terms.  She is now part of a blended family with her partner and 2 step children, ages 9 & 6.


After working for 4 years in a psychiatric hospital for children in the Boston area, Margie decided followed her love of adventure and moved out West in 2009, to pursue a number of personal and professional dreams. One of which involved a journey of her own spiritual self-reflection, exploring eastern traditions, after abandoning Catholicism in her later teenage years. During her time in the West she has lived on a farm, explored a variety of summer and winter outdoor activities, and is now settled into the benefits of urban life in Denver with continued access to nature.  Professionally, over the past 8 years, she has worked in the innovative field of integrated mental health in Cortez, CO, Dove Creek, CO, Santa Fe, NM and here in Denver, CO.

Experienced Meditator 

An experienced meditator, Margie has taught hundreds of meditation classes over the last many years and is also a Nia dance instructor where she guides her students to engage with mind, body, and spirit on the dance floor. Margie is quite skilled at helping her clients to find clarity and new insights as well as to learn practical tools in order to move through life challenges. 

She brings this same attention and awareness to her work with couples — helping her clients gain new direction and understanding which helps to propel them forward in their relationships. Margie’s clients enjoy her contagious laughter, gentle directness, and willingness to be frank and accessible in the therapy room.

Margie’s focus is always on overall wellness integrating not just emotional health but being aware of physical vitality and spiritual wellness as well. Her years of academic education, direct care with clients as well as her extensive experience supervising therapists makes Margie a top-notch clinician.


  • MSW in Clinical Social Work, Boston University - 2004
  • BA in Cultural Anthropology with a Minor in Women's Studies, University of Tennessee, Knoxville - 2002
  • Colorado Licensed Clinical Social Worker #1371


Interested in booking with Margie? She is available Monday through Thursday including evenings. You can book online now or call our Client Ambassador at 720.457.3342 for assistance.


**Margie is an Independent Contractor at the Counseling Center of Cherry Creek. You can see Margie's personal website here.**




Holly Kadesh, LPC, ATR

Holly Kadesh

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Individual & Couples Therapist / Licensed Professional Counselor

 **Seeing Clients Saturdays & Sundays**

Holly has 25 years of experience working with couples.  She specializes in guiding couples through issues related to parenting, communication, and intimacy. Additionally, Holly has decades of experience working with individual clients who are struggling with depression, anxiety, and emotional turmoil due to life changes. Because Holly's experience spans almost three decades she is well versed in working with a variety of clientele including couples with mixed religious and ethnic backgrounds as well as gay and lesbian couples.


Holly grew up in Inglewood, California and is of the third generation of Russian Jewish immigrants. Holly has lived and worked in a number of diverse communities from Los Angeles, CA to Billings, MT and served both urban, rural and immigrant communities along the way.


Like some of you reading this, Holly has had her own experience of divorce, remarrying to a blended family with three children, later raising her son as a single parent, recovering from breast cancer (twice!) and all of the richness in between.  She brings with her not just the training, education and certificates of a highly qualified clinician but also valuable lived experience in navigating successfully the ups and downs of life. 


Couples Communication Skills

She is a very directive and compassionate therapist who guides couples step-by-step through the overwhelming process of establishing healthy communication and learning to manage emotions along the way. She will offer you new tools, provide coaching in session, and help you move forward to a more positive satisfying place in your relationship.


Practical, Creative, & Mindful

Her approach is practical, creative, as well as mindfulness-based, and she is deeply present with clients.  Holly draws from her many years as a therapist to help provide tools for couples and individuals to live their lives in a different way and help you to GET UNSTUCK.


  • MA in Marriage & Family Therapy, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA - 1995
  • BA in Fine Arts, Montana State University, Billings, MT - 2002
  • Colorado Licensed Professional Counselor #12013

Interested in booking with Holly? She is available weekends.  You can book online now or call our Client Ambassador at 720.457.3342 for assistance.

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