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Life can be full of unpredictable ups and downs. It is normal for your emotions to ebb and flow with everyday challenges, but if you have been feeling unusually down or discouraged, you may be struggling with something greater. 

When you are in a place where you feel stuck and tired of how your life and relationships are going, change can truly feel impossible—but we can help! At the Counseling Center of Cherry Creek, we are here to tell you that you do not have to endure your struggles alone. We have assembled a caring and professional clinical team to help you face your challenges and gain better control over your struggles. 

We understand that everyone goes through hard times and that everyone will need to ask for help now and again. There is absolutely no shame in seeking professional help or going to counseling! We encourage all of our Cherry Creek and Denver-area clients to reach out whenever they are feeling overwhelmed. 

Do you feel ready to find the help you deserve? Are you searching for a caring therapist in Cherry Creek, CO? You can schedule by contacting our counseling office right now at (720) 457-3342 to schedule an appointment. If you are unsure about therapy or whether it is the right choice for you, we invite you to learn more by reading below.

Individual and Couples Counseling

Learning to navigate life’s challenges smoothly is difficult whether you are single or in a committed relationship, No matter your age, relationship status, or phase of life, you are still expected to maintain healthy relationships with your friends, loved ones, and peers. And, unfortunately, one of the biggest guarantees in life is that other people are bound to hurt you from time to time.

This pain can stem from a variety of sources, but it often hinges on ineffective communication between two or more people. At the Counseling Center of Cherry Creek, this is where we come in. Our therapists specialize in helping people learn to effectively communicate. Whether you are searching for individual counseling or couples counseling with a spouse or partner, we can help you learn to break down communication barriers.  

These barriers may take many different forms. You may feel angry or disappointed in the people around you for not changing things about themselves, or you might be wondering, “How much longer do I have to live like this?” Waiting for something to change can feel unbearable. You might be thinking, “This is not how it is supposed to be.” Or, you may be realizing that you cannot have the same argument again with your partner or spouse.

We believe that all relationships are strengthened when communication improves, and when each party involved learns how to healthily manage their feelings. We understand what it is like to feel emotionally fatigued and to resent a loved one if you are trying to carry your feelings all alone. Are you tired of carrying these burdens by yourself? Are you ready to work toward healthier and more productive relationships? Our Cherry Creek, CO therapists would love to speak with you! 

You Can Feel Better 

We know from experience that working with a licensed therapist can provide big results over time. When you work with one of our professional counselors in Cherry Creek, CO, you learn how to better manage your emotions and cope with difficulties in your life. 

Through the unique relationship with a trained therapist, you can begin to experience:

  • Hope
  • Peace
  • Safety
  • Acceptance
  • Relaxation
  • Validation
  • Patience
  • Understanding
  • Motivation
  • Fresh engagement in life

Many people wonder how to choose a therapist as the process can seem overwhelming. Unfortunately, this can become a barrier to receiving the support, guidance, and education that you need to move to the next step. If you find yourself feeling uncertain or nervous about the process of counseling, you are not alone. 

It takes courage and determination to commit to therapy. At the Counseling Center of Cherry Creek, we want you to know that we are always happy to see you walk through our doors. We consider it a victory when you choose to show up to your appointments and to work toward a happier, healthier life. 

It is natural to still have concerns or reservations about attending therapy. If you are feeling hesitant, you may benefit from reading one of our blog posts that shares a few things that your therapist would like for you to know. You can access this blog post by clicking here.

We also invite you to call our Cherry Creek, CO counseling office to learn more about us. We often find that our clients feel more at ease after speaking with a member of our kind and warm counseling team. We can be reached Monday through Saturday at (720) 547-3342. 

Take the Next Step Now

If you have been feeling on the fence about starting therapy in Cherry Creek, CO, consider this your personal invitation to take that next step—today! 

You might find yourself saying, “I don’t know WHAT to do.” or "I have tried EVERYTHING!" But, the truth is, if you have not tried therapy, then you have not tried everything! 

If you keep trying the same things over and over again and are not getting the results that you want, you might have exhausted your own skillset. Now may be the time to begin working with a trained professional to help get you unstuck from repeating strategies that are not serving you or your relationships in a positive way. 

The role of your therapist is to provide:

  • Support
  • Direction
  • Strategies and Skills
  • Guidance
  • Empathy

Your therapist will help teach you skills and strategies specifically designed for you to help you meet your life and relationship goals. We are advocates for a fresh perspective and new information to shake away things that are no longer serving you in your life. It is our job to help you move from “I don’t know” to “I know.” We want to teach you new skills and new ways of looking at things so that you can create a better, more fulfilling life for yourself. 

At the Counseling Center of Cherry Creek,  we have licensed therapists who offer:

Our therapists are trained in a wide variety of sub-specialties and have years of experience helping people with these types of counseling. If you or you and your partner need a trusted professional on your side, you can count on our team at the Counseling Center of Cherry Creek. 

If you still have more questions, check out our FAQs page or call our Client Ambassador at (720) 457-3342. We will happily answer any questions that you may have about the counseling process and see if one of our clinicians would be a good fit for you. 

When you are ready to schedule your counseling appointment in Cherry Creek, CO, you can use the links below for your convenience:

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