Sex Therapy in Denver, CO

If you want to learn a bit more about sex therapy this is a good place to start.

We are fortunate to have one of the 25 AASECT certified sex therapists on staff at the Center: owner and licensed marriage & family therapist, Jenny Glick. Sex therapy is a more specialized training than marriage or relationship counseling as it focuses on the fundamentals of sex, intercourse, outercourse, desire, arousal, sexual orientations, fetishes, kink and everything in between.

If you work with a marriage or couples counselor, you will likely be talking a bit about sex -- which is great, and REALLY important

For some couples, sex is not a primary or central problem in their marriage so they may talk about sex in session but this is not a focus during the work with their therapist.

However, for some couples and for some individuals, their issues with desire, arousal, and some of the nuts-and-bolts of sex, require a little more focused attention. Some of these issues include:

  • erectile dysfunction
  • painful intercourse
  • low libido -- lack of interest with partner
  • "sexless" marriage
  • new to sex and feeling self-conscious about performance
  • sexual trauma

--- and obviously, the list can go on and on.

What you can expect working with a certified sex therapist is much of the same as from a 'regular' therapist:

  • unconditional positive regard
  • curiosity
  • patience
  • hope
  • interest
  • non-judgment

You will also get some expertise as you are now working with someone with hundreds of hours of training in "all-things-sex":

  • mechanics of sex, intimacy, and desire (psst...there really is a science behind this!)
  • frank and open conversations about visually arousing media (i.e. porn) and how, and if, to use it
  • an opportunity to explore your own thoughts, feelings, and fantasies and how to integrate these in your life in a healthy way
  • a chance to find out "am I normal" (btw, chances are that you are!)
  • resources and guidance to help you move forward as a healthy, whole sexual being in your life.

If you are not sure if you need to work with a sex therapist, call our Client Ambassador today -- they will put you in touch with Jenny our AASECT certified sex therapist to see if this service is right for you. AND Jenny offers online video counseling sessions.

Whether you live in Denver or in one of our mountain towns in Colorado:

  • Vail
  • Eagle
  • Aspen
  • Summit County
  • Winter Park
  • Durango
  • Telluride
  • Pagosa Springs
  • Glenwood Springs

you can access high-quality sex therapy services!

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